Bruce Mau Head for Heights

Bruce Maun Interviewed by Pablo Hermansen

  • Pablo Hermansen Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


More than a biography, Bruce Mau deserves a log. He begins his journey when he leaves the Ontario College of Art and Design prematurely to work in the design studio Fifty Fingers, located in Toronto. His next stop, two years later, is Pentagram, at the other side of the Atlantic, in England (Smith, 2016; de Monchaux, 2007). In the United Kingdom of the 1980’s – postMalvinas/Falklands war and led by Margaret Thatcher –he was “actually introduced to the political life of the form (…) [and there he leared] how design and culture intertwine around language, equality and society” (de Monchaux, 2007). He returned from Europe aware of the social impact of design and of its power to transform the world: as he declares, from then on changing the world has become his project. Consequently, he assumes the challenge of designing not only to correctly contain and unfold a given information, but to produce models that materialize and expand all that they contain. With these goals in mind, he has dedicated over three decades to articulate actors, regions, disciplines and diverse knowledges.

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